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A message from our President:

First of all I would like to personally thank each and every one of our customers for shopping with us. It has been a pleasure serving you for the past 9 years. We have accumulated well over 1,500 unique and exciting design elements for your home and have enjoyed every single minute of it.

In 2009 my business partner Brenda and I began the development of another product that was not related at all to the Home Décor business.   We called our neat little invention “Produce Freshies,”  a product that actually doubles the shelf life of your fresh fruits and vegetables.  It is a technology that has been used by the commercial industry for over 35 years but was never made available to the public. It took us several years to accomplish but after a lot of hard work, we made our dream a reality.
In 2011-2012 QVC launched Produce Freshies on their TV show and ordered almost a half million of our little packets. Our product flew off the shelves. In May 2012 Produce Freshies was showcased on a TV show called “Invention Hunters.” That appearance catapulted our product into another stratosphere. (See below to view a video snippet). We were of course ecstatic by this unexpected turn of events. To date, our sales have been close to one million packets sold.  In the year 2013 Produce Freshies will be selling in many major grocery store chains in the USA.  By 2014, we will have a worldwide global distribution in place as well.

As you can imagine, an endeavor of this magnitude has required a huge amount of time and resources. So in the past several months after many hours of soul searching we have decided to close our online store; Wall Mural Mania. It was a difficult choice to make but we felt we had no other option but to adjust our priorities.

If you have recently placed an order, we are still available on our customer service line as well as by email.  It will take us a while to close up our shop, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you all for your business, your support and your loyalty to Wall Mural Mania. Many of our customers have become an extended part of our family and it is you that will be missed the most.
We invite you to jump over to our other website to see our exciting new product…

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12 Pack ~ Just $19.95
Receive 12 individual power pellet packets. Each packet lasts for at least 90 days or when kept stored in an air tight container, will last
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On a personal note, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks and sincerest appreciation to our customers and our employees. May God’s blessings surround you each and every day.

Kit D
September 11, 2012